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Adhesive Solutions provides customers in Windsor and beyond with premium structural adhesives. Our structural adhesives are the right choice when dealing with demanding application types that need high tensile, shear and peel strength as well as shock and impact resistance.

Multi-Use Structural Adhesives – Hot Melt

Hot melt structural adhesives come in many different formats including blocks, pellets, bulk chicklets, and 1 3/4” slugs or sticks for glue gun dispensing. We provide these high performance structural adhesives, often applied via spray, for a multitude of uses including bonding vacuum foamed mouldings, cotton backed vinyl packaging foams, bubble film, upholstery foams, and many other fabrics. We offers our structural adhesive products for shipping to Windsor.

Solid Structural Adhesives – UV Adhesives

Ready for a range of applications, Permabond UV Light Curable Adhesives is a single part, solvent-free, cure on demand structural adhesive. These structural adhesives are able to quickly cure with exposure to UV light, forming a tight bond to substrates such as metals, glass, and most plastics.

Useful Structural Adhesives

Our structural adhesive products are well received by our Windsor customers who are in need of structural adhesives to bond metals, glass, laminates, carpet, sheet metal, HPL, polystyrene foam, plastics, unprimed metals, composites, cork, fabrics, wood, polyurethane foam, and many other application types.

Our structural adhesive products are ready for distribution to Windsor:

  • Pressure sensitive hot melt (blocks, pillows, chips etc.)
  • Hot melt slugs and sticks (for use in glue gun applicators)
  • Structural Acrylics
  • UV Curable Adhesives
  • Latex contact cement
  • Rubber based contact cement

We provide structural adhesives that are ready for shipment to Windsor. Simply phone 226.448.2400 and we will be ready to provide the perfect structural adhesives for your needs today.

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