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Adhesive Solutions is ready to supply your Cambridge business with the perfect packaging & labelling adhesives. We can meet your adhesive needs, from case and carton sealing adhesives, to durable labelling adhesives, we’ve got you covered.

Effective Packaging Adhesives

We are often called to the rescue of our Cambridge clients when they have bonding issues, as often packaging or labelling has a shiny finish or coating that adhesives struggle to bond with. We are ready to assist you with your difficult bonding needs, offering innovative adhesive solutions that are pressure sensitive and temperature ready, including EVA’s and Metallocene adhesives for advanced bonding. We are on hand to accommodate all of your Cambridge based packaging & labelling needs, from pallet sized orders to smaller one case orders of packaging & labelling adhesive products.

Custom Labelling Adhesives

We provide labelling adhesive solutions that are approved for indirect food contact, ideal for cans, composites, treated PVC and PP, PET, and glass. We are able to ensure you receive a range of labelling adhesive solutions that are ideal for a number of application types in Cambridge.

Expert Packaging Adhesive Supplies

As a professional packaging & labelling adhesive supplier, we understand the difficulties Cambridge businesses can face when seeking an adhesive product that works with specific packaging & labelling. We have a team of adhesive specialists who are able to work with you in order to provide adhesive advice and guidance while helping you source the ideal adhesive product for your application type.

Packaging & Labelling Adhesives Provided to Cambridge

If your business is seeking a knowledgeable packaging & labelling supplier in Cambridge, please phone 226-448-2400 and discuss your packaging & labelling needs today.

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