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Adhesive Solutions is a highly experienced glue supplier serving Ontario. We have developed relationships with advanced glue manufacturers such as DURA Pro (IFS), Permabond, BOSTIK, and Power Adhesives, allowing us to offer the Ontario area a wide selection of glue products ready for: labelling construction, product assembly, packaging laminating, wood working, and more.

An Established Glue Supplier

We believe in providing all of our Ontario customers with honesty and integrity, as we are an experienced glue supplier ready to work for you. We are aware of the challenges faced when seeking a suitable glue supplier and our team of adhesive specialists is here to help, from product assembly to different types of packaging that may be needed.

A Vast Selection Of Glue Supplies

We are able to supply a range of glue supplies to Ontario, including compostable glue, packaging & labelling glue, hot melt glue, superglue, Anaerobic Threadlockers & Sealants, structural glue, cleaners, and more.

Our Ontario Customers Confirm

Our customers based in Ontario are quick to show their appreciation for our quality glue products and premium service as they are able to easily order their glue supplies without issue or red tape, often experienced when dealing with less established glue suppliers.

At Adhesive Solutions, we are proud to be able to fill orders of any size, from 1oz of Super Glue to large pallets of hot melt glue supplies, we never have minimum order requirements or hidden fees for our glue oriented products!

Advanced Glue Supplier for Ontario

If you are local to Ontario and are in need of an experienced glue supplier, please phone 226-448-2400 and we can help with your glue requirements today.

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