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Adhesive Solutions provides Nova Scotia with Compostable / Biodegradable Adhesive supplies and are proud to be affiliated with Bostik. We provide a range of eco-friendly compostable / biodegradable adhesive products that are able to meet the environmental challenges faced today.

Available Biodegradable Adhesives

From general packaging to the specialized medical sector, a wide variety of industries are now using biodegradable adhesives. Thanks to modern improvements of biodegradable adhesives, we are now able to help sustain our planet by having the choice to use greener bonding solutions to help reduce environmental impact.

Explore Thermogrip 43298

Thermogrip 43298 is a compostable hot melt adhesive designed for use in paper and fiberboard packaging applications. Achieving 100% disintegration under ASTM D-6400-12, this biodegradable adhesive meets compostability standards presented by ASTM D-5338-15 Mineralization Test. Thermogrip 43298 compostable adhesive offers aggressive grab and excellent penetration to dense board stock and high recycled content cardboard and offers a versatile usable temperature range from 0° to 175°F (IOPP T-3066 heat stress resistance), offered for shipping to Nova Scotia.

Why favour biodegradable / compostable adhesives

  • No microplastic pollution
  • Reduced waste processing costs
  • Soil enrichment through waste
  • Safer for workplaces
  • In accordance with environmental planning

We Want To Assist With Your Compostable Adhesive Needs

If you are local to Nova Scotia and are looking for a reliable compostable adhesive supplier, please call 226-448-2400 and let us go over your eco-friendly adhesive needs today.

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