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Adhesive Solutions is a well-known supplier of Adhesive Products for Winnipeg. We can supply a wide range of adhesive products in Winnipeg as we work with a number of Adhesive manufacturers such as Permabond, BOSTIK, Power Adhesives, and DURAL (IFS), allowing us to offer a range of products for many application types including: laminating, construction, packaging, product assembly, woodworking, and more.

Adhesive Supplies For Your Needs

As a professional adhesive supplier we provide all of our Winnipeg customers with honesty and integrity. We know that you face specific challenges when it comes to sourcing a suitable adhesive supplier and are on hand to meet your needs. Our team of adhesive specialists are here to help, taking care of everything from product assembly adhesives to types of packaging that may be required.

A Wide Variety Of Adhesive Supplies

We offer a wide selection of adhesive supplies to Winnipeg, including hot melt adhesives, structural adhesives, cleaners, compostable adhesives, superglue adhesives, packaging & labelling adhesives, Anaerobic Threadlockers & Sealants, compostable adhesives, and more.

Our Winnipeg Customers Rave About Our Service

Our Winnipeg based adhesive customers are always appreciative of our service, as they enjoy regularly ordering their adhesive supplies without issue or red tape. Whether you need 1oz of Super Glue or a large pallet of hot melt adhesives, we can fulfill your order with no minimum order requirements or hidden fees!

Expert Adhesive Supplies for Winnipeg

If you are in search of advanced adhesive supplies in Winnipeg, please call 226-448-2400 and let us assist you with your adhesive supply needs today.

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