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Cyanoacrylates, also referred to as Super Glue or Instant Glue are single component adhesives that cure by reacting to moisture the substrates being bonded.  These superglues cure very quickly at room temperature, eliminating the need for expensive ovens or other curing equipment.

Permabond manufactures a full spectrum of cyanoacrylates that perform superbly with hard-to-bond materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and other polyolefins. Cyanoacrylates are also good for bonding materials such as metal, rubber, composite, phenolic, silicone and many more substrates.

Adhesive Solutions supplies a broad range of Permabond’s high performance cyanoacrylate formulations in a wide variety of viscosity choices as well as non-blooming and low odor formulations, rapid cure formulas and high temperature resistant products.

Types of Superglue Available

  • General Purpose
  • Metals
  • Toughened – the “infamous Black Magic 737
  • Flexible
  • Surface Insensitive
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Low Odour
  • Medical Device
  • 3D Print Infiltrants

Instant Adhesive Applications

  • Electronics wire tacking
  • Bonding automotive interior trim
  • Tacking parts during assembly process
  • Disposable medical device bonding
  • Bonding/repairing musical instruments
  • Jewelry manufacturing
  • Dental fixture assembly

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