Structural Adhesives

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Structural Adhesives

We offer a wide range of structural adhesive bonding solutions for product assembly, from filter manufacturing, automotive and marine to medical equipment and everything in between, we have the structural adhesive for your next project.

Hot Melt Slugs

Hot melt adhesives in 1 3/4″ slugs. High performance, extended open time adhesive primarily formulated for spraying. Used for bonding packaging foams, bubble film, vacuum foamed mouldings, upholstery foams, cotton backed vinyl and many other fabrics. Adhesive products with a UL rating includes UL 2395, an adhesive used to secure thermal insulation in heating, ventilation and air conditioning appliances.

UV Adhesives

Permabond UV Light Curable Adhesives are single part, solvent-free, cure on demand adhesives suitable for a wide range of applications. Upon exposure to UV light of the proper intensity and spectral output, these adhesive products rapidly cure to form excellent bonds to a wide variety of substrates such as metals, glass and most plastics.

Types of Structural Adhesives

  • UV Curable Adhesives
  • Pressure sensitive hot melt
  • Hot melt slugs (for use in glue gun applicators)
  • Structural Acrylics
  • Latex contact cement
  • Rubber based contact cement

Structural Adhesive Applications

  • Demanding applications that require high tensile, shear and peel strength as well as shock and impact resistance.
  • Bonding plastics, metals and unprimed metals, glass and composites
  • Bonding decorative laminates (Arborite®, Formica®), wood and plastics veneers, paneling, cork, carpet, fabrics, sheet metal and other combinations of these to wood, plywood, particle board or metal.
  • Bonding high pressure laminates panels (HPL), polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam and fabrics to wood, plywood or particle board

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