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Adhesive Cleaner Supplier

Whatever your industry or type of facility, there’s always a need to remove adhesive residue or to purge/clean glue pots.

We are proud to share that our ULTRA-CLEAN 2000 is made right here in Canada.

This product is great for removing stubborn rubber and tire marks as well as sticky gummy residue from adhesives. A very large distribution facility here in Ontario uses this product exclusively to clean hundreds of meters of stainless steel rollers (conveyor).

Types Of Cleaners

  • Ultra-Clean 2000 di-Limonene based cleaner
  • UC 2352

Cleaner Applications

  • Removing gummy residue or adhesive buildup on equipment and/or hot melt tanks (exterior)
  • Purging and/or cleaning adhesive hot melt tanks
  • Cleaning of silicon, steel and Teflon rollers on hot melt coaters

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