Anaerobic Threadlockers & Sealants

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The Permabond range of anaerobic threadlockers and sealants allow you to lock screws, nuts, bolts and studs against loosening.

Permabond anaerobic adhesive formulations are designed to cure when air is absent and metal surfaces (both ferrous and non-ferrous) are present. The liquid adhesive fills imperfections in the metal surfaces and gaps between the mated parts. The adhesive then rapidly cures to an inert acrylic adhesive/sealant creating a solid 100% mechanical surface-to-surface contact and physical lock. Several of our threadlockers are certified under Mil Spec or ASTM approvals.

Types of Anaerobic Threadlockers & Sealants

  • Threadlockers both Removable; Permanent (requires heat to disassemble)
  • Low strength (Purple)
  • General purpose (Blue)
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Certified (Colourless)
  • High strength (Red)
  • Wicking and weld sealing (Green)
  • Gap filling (Red)
  • High temperature (Red)
  • ASC10 Surface activator

Anaerobic Threadlocker & Sealant Applications

  • Stop nuts and bolts from working loose due to vibration
  • Lubricate for easier assembly and prevents rust
  • Prevent loosening due to thermal expansion
  • Seal against leaks

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