What do our customers say about us?  

We simply would not be here without our customers…   Here’s what some of them say about Adhesive Solutions.

“Adhesive Solutions solved our problem bonding shiny foil coated carton! We only purchase a few cases per year – but still received the service and price usually reserved for larger companies!”

K. Bell, CSR Cosmetics

We use a label that is made with 100% recycled paper and we were having a lot of challenges with labels tearing, slipping and falling off the bottle. Adhesive Solutions brought in a label adhesive that worked. They also worked with our production line during the transition from the old glue to the current one and they continue to offer personal service and new ideas to help us as we grow our business.

Keith Morris – Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

“We use adhesive to assemble heavy duty produce boxes for packaging various hot house and field vegetables. We were having problems with char forming in our glue machine and nozzle clogging. Adhesive Solutions made a point of working with our crews and learning about our operation and came back with a product recommendation that not only eliminated our char and nozzle clogging problem, but also set up faster and helped reduce glue tab pop opens.”

Ben Tufa – Veri Fine Brand, Exeter Produce

“We use various types of adhesives in our manufacturing facility, and we know we can count on Adhesive Solutions to find us the right product, from hot melt to silicone or epoxies. We’ve also been able to achieve huge savings for our company because of their low minimum order requirements and the fact that they have the stock we need right here in Ontario.”

Amy MacSpurren – Engineering Dynamics