Adhesive Solutions is a customer-focused organization that delivers personalized service and quality products to all its customers, big and small. Face-to-face business is our philosophy! Getting to know you, your business and your challenges and finding the right product for your application creates a winning combination and a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Our business model lets us create simple, catered solutions for our customers – with no red tape. We don’t impose strict minimum order requirements or other cumbersome policies that create headaches for our valued customers. We can ship everything from 1oz of Super Glue to full pallets of hot melt.

Let’s work together to solve your bonding needs and determine the best way to get our products to you. Our warehouse is conveniently located in Mississauga, Ontario, but we do business all across Canada.

We are proud to represent quality suppliers:


Dural IFSDural and its affiliates have state-of-the-art laboratories located throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Dural has a full line of adhesives to bond even the most difficult substrates.  Founded in Canada, Dural is the only Global Adhesives Company with manufacturing facilities in Canada. We like doing business with a Canadian company that creates jobs right here at home.


0Permabond_logo-1319834156Permabond is a leading manufacturer of engineering adhesives with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Permabond offers an extensive range of anaerobic adhesives and sealants (threadlockers, retaining compounds, pipe sealants and gasketing adhesives), cyanoacrylate (instant or “super glue”), epoxy, acrylic and UV-curable adhesives (ideal for glass and plastic bonding).


Bostik-StrongerBetter_Logo_MBostik Thermogrip® glue sticks are available in a broad selection of diameters and lengths for use with hand-held glue guns. The variety of formulations offer choices in open time, strength, flexibility and temperature resistance for bonding and assembly. Additionally, Bostik offers structural adhesives and other engineering adhesives, giving us more choices to cover every potential application our valued customers present us with.


Since 1988, Heartland Adhesives of Germantown, Wisconsin has been producing pressure sensitive adhesive solutions for everything from produce labels and credit card affixation to transfer tape adhesives and custom adhesive formulation and production services.  We are proud to bring this expertise to our Canadian customers.