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Welcome to Adhesive Solutions

Adhesive Solutions is a distributor of adhesives used in packaging, labelling, laminating, construction, wood-working and product assembly. Founded in 2008, the company has evolved from supplying industrial starches to our current comprehensive line of packaging and structural adhesives, super glues, specialty starches, cleaners and degreasers.

We take pride in our grassroots approach to business, where personalized service and competitive pricing means exactly that. Our customers range from large to small – we value them all!

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Why Choose Adhesive Solutions?


We are happy to meet with you to get a proper look at your adhesive requirements. Come production time, we'll be there on the floor to work with you, your equipment and our product to ensure it meets your needs.


Our overheads are low, which means we can deliver quality adhesives at competitive prices for orders of any size, whether you need a case, a pail or a pallet. We sell in $CAD and warehouse our products in Toronto, ON, and St. Thomas, ON.


We stand behind all of our adhesives - period. Our policies and processes are simple - we want to earn your business and keep it, so it’s important for us to keep you happy. We’re easy to talk to and easy to deal with.


We source the best adhesives from the select manufacturers we represent. Dealing directly with the manufacturer means that you're limited to their products - with Adhesive Solutions, you have options.

Latest News from Adhesive Solutions

Adhesive Solutions launches Ultra-Clean 2000

Our customers asked and we delivered … a more powerful D-Limonene based cleaner to remove the toughest soils and all types of adhesives and gummy residue. ULTRA-CLEAN 2000 Citrus Cleaner!  Canadian made, supplied in 12 x 1 Litre spray bottles… Read More